My very first podcast


I have a podcast!

After teaching myself how to use Adobe Audition, buying hundreds of dollars of podcast equipment, booking interviews and recording space, writing scripts and putting everything together and doing rounds of edits, the very first Yankees Magazine Podcast is live.

We talk about baseball, of course, have a few laughs, I interview the Yankees Spanish-language translator, and the whole crew talks about some of the things we’re most excited to cover this season.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I really hope you like it.

And forgive any bad edits or choppy audio, this is my first time. I promise I’ll get better!

Links below (they’re all the same podcast but just in case one link didn’t work I want you to have options).


Baseball Season

Y’all, baseball season is right around the corner!

A couple of weeks ago I was in Tampa for spring training hanging with the Yankees, writing some stories, ya know, the usual. You can check those out in a couple weeks when the season starts! But for now, here’s a story I wrote for the Spring issue of Yankees Magazine about the team’s GM, Brian Cashman.

Brian and I “officially” chatted in his office back in January — he’s a guy you frequently run into at the Stadium and he’s always happy to talk for a bit — and he was very gracious with his time.

I hope you like what I put together. If you do, let me know!

And please give some of the other stories a read as well. I didn’t write them all but my friends did (and I did edit a lot of them!)



At the protest at JFK last night I saw a sign that read, “This is our worst case scenario.” I was struck by how real that statement is now. 

In one week, our president has lied repeatedly, tried to censor the National Parks Service and the EPA, called the New York Times (one of the most respected newspapers in the world) “Fake News,” tweeted about nonsense, and signed legislation that is just absolutely bonkers. And on Friday, it went from bonkers to flat out illegal and against our Constitution, the very document Republicans love to cite as their beacon of truth. 

To issue a ban on refugees is in humane, and to refuse immigrants from Muslim nations, giving exceptions to Christians, is to mix church and state,  something our constitution does not allow. 

Refugees are dying. Families are being torn apart in countries we invaded (Iraq) and now we are turning our back on them. It goes against everything that we as a country have always represented. 

We are and always will he a nation of immigrants. White people stole this land we call sacred, and now certain white people are once again acting selfishly and immorally. We can’t let it happen. 

I don’t know what’s going through Donald Trump’s head, but I know whatever it is is despicable. I’ll keep fighting and I hope you will too. 

And to our elected officials, particularly all of the ones who have stayed silent about this Muslim Ban, you are cowards. This is our darkest hour in a long time. We have to shine a light on what’s right. If you won’t, we will find people who do. 


Women’s March

Yesterday was a good day. img_0017

For months, many of us have been feeling down and frightened at the idea of President Trump. We were worried about issues that mattered to us — reproductive rights, health care, immigration, climate change, the LGBT community, freedom of the press, and the list goes on. Then, when President Trump was inaugurated, and when he painted a picture of America that was dark and terrifying, we got even more worried. And then when his staff removed all mention of climate change and LGBT rights, among other issues, from the White House website, we got angrier.

But yesterday, Jan. 21, 2017, was a good day.

At about 10am I hopped on a train headed to NYC and the Women’s March. I was immediately heartened by the presence of other marchers, holding signs and wearing their pussy hats. And when I walked through Grand Central I couldn’t help but smile at the sheer number of people there to make their voices heard. When I got to the apartment to meet my group, we went around and discussed why we were marching, and it brought a tear to my eye — we had common goals despite our uncommon backgrounds and generations. And when we got to the site of the beginning of the march, where hundreds of thousands were gathered — so many people that it took us an hour and a half just to move a block into the actual march — the diversity and energy was truly overwhelming. img_7356

I’ve never marched before. My political activity up to that point was limited to a couple of donations and some snarky social media postings. I think that’s true for the majority of my generation. So to see political action first hand, to take part, and to see others like me and unlike me taking part too, what an incredible feeling.

Around the world, on all seven continents, people gathered to protest what we fear will become an authoritarian administration based solely on greed, with little regard to the rights of minorities, immigrants, women or anyone not straight, white and male. To see the amount of people that showed up and committed to keeping the fight alive, it gave me hope.

I promise to keep showing up. I promise to fight for others as well as myself. I will not let a sociopathic man with a grim and limited vision of America take us down.

Yesterday was a good day. But it was just day one. The fight has only just begun.
PS: To all the straight men who came out to march with us and make our causes your causes, thank you. Also, call me 😘

Took a break but now I’m back 

Haven’t posted in a while because I was working on submitting a packet for the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop. My expectations are low, but man, that’d be a pretty cool program to be accepted to. 

Meanwhile, the inauguration is nine days away, I sobbed through President Obama’s farewell address, and thought about starting a podcast at work. So, things are pretty much the same as always. 

I try to update my Monologue Jokes page every day, so click over there to see more of my writing!


When Carrie Fisher died yesterday, I took it harder than expected. I knew her, of course, as Princess Leia from Star Wars, but I also knew she was a writer and generally hilarious person who had had some struggles in life, but had made it through.

That was all I knew. But when she died, and I read about her many, many accomplishments, her prolific skills as a joke writer and script doctor, her openness about mental illness, aging and beauty standards in Hollywood, I was inspired.

I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing more about Carrie until yesterday. And I’m even more sad that the world will never get to benefit from her spot-on comments about the world and the idea of being a celebrity. That’s what we need in times as strange and upsetting as the ones we’re living in now.

Carrie was a woman I looked up to without really even knowing I did. She was everything I hope to become — a wise woman who was willing to give her opinions with the kind of comedic wit that made you laugh, but also made you think.

RIP Carrie Fisher, thank you for the legacy you left. I’ll try to live in more like you did every day.

Gilmore Girls

Having spent a week road tripping up and across the country, spending obscene amounts of time with my family and somehow not killing or screaming at any of them, it’s safe to say that sitting at home, on my couch, watching the Gilmore Girls revival with my mom was the only place I really wanted to be this Sunday. 
It was glorious. 

Gilmore Girls has always been an important show for me, and I’ve always watched it with my mother. No, we’re. It like Rory and Lorelei, but we have a bond and it’s a close one. 
As a writer, reading, listening to, or watching things that are well-written is truly inspiring to me, and in my opinion, Amy Sherman Palladino is brilliant. From the pilot all the way to those infamous last for words, ASP built a world and characters that were mesmerizing. It’s everything I aspire to be. 
Now this isn’t a review of the revival (although I am very happy to do that at another time). (If anyone is interested I have about 12 iChats going on currently that would fill that need). 
But I will say that I think the revival as a whole was perfect. Sure there were parts that were a bit overindulgent, but all together everything fit perfectly. The story was always about Rory and Lorelai, and their mirrored lives. That’s how the revival played out to the very end. 
As a fan, I’m so glad that we got closure. I’m also clamourong for more. But as a writer, I’m happy that ASP finally got to finish her story the way she always intended it. And if that’s all she wrote, damn did she do a great job.