My very first podcast


I have a podcast!

After teaching myself how to use Adobe Audition, buying hundreds of dollars of podcast equipment, booking interviews and recording space, writing scripts and putting everything together and doing rounds of edits, the very first Yankees Magazine Podcast is live.

We talk about baseball, of course, have a few laughs, I interview the Yankees Spanish-language translator, and the whole crew talks about some of the things we’re most excited to cover this season.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I really hope you like it.

And forgive any bad edits or choppy audio, this is my first time. I promise I’ll get better!

Links below (they’re all the same podcast but just in case one link didn’t work I want you to have options).


Author: htag24

I'm a pop culture enthusiast, a TV junkie, an avid reader, an expert juggler, a sports nerd, a quirky writer, a dog lover, oh and I'm literally Taylor Swift's biggest fan. (Okay, probably not literally, but I bet I know more of her song lyrics than you.) I'll be posting on here new things and links to some old things I've written. Hope you enjoy it!

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