At the protest at JFK last night I saw a sign that read, “This is our worst case scenario.” I was struck by how real that statement is now. 

In one week, our president has lied repeatedly, tried to censor the National Parks Service and the EPA, called the New York Times (one of the most respected newspapers in the world) “Fake News,” tweeted about nonsense, and signed legislation that is just absolutely bonkers. And on Friday, it went from bonkers to flat out illegal and against our Constitution, the very document Republicans love to cite as their beacon of truth. 

To issue a ban on refugees is in humane, and to refuse immigrants from Muslim nations, giving exceptions to Christians, is to mix church and state,  something our constitution does not allow. 

Refugees are dying. Families are being torn apart in countries we invaded (Iraq) and now we are turning our back on them. It goes against everything that we as a country have always represented. 

We are and always will he a nation of immigrants. White people stole this land we call sacred, and now certain white people are once again acting selfishly and immorally. We can’t let it happen. 

I don’t know what’s going through Donald Trump’s head, but I know whatever it is is despicable. I’ll keep fighting and I hope you will too. 

And to our elected officials, particularly all of the ones who have stayed silent about this Muslim Ban, you are cowards. This is our darkest hour in a long time. We have to shine a light on what’s right. If you won’t, we will find people who do. 



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