Women’s March

Yesterday was a good day. img_0017

For months, many of us have been feeling down and frightened at the idea of President Trump. We were worried about issues that mattered to us — reproductive rights, health care, immigration, climate change, the LGBT community, freedom of the press, and the list goes on. Then, when President Trump was inaugurated, and when he painted a picture of America that was dark and terrifying, we got even more worried. And then when his staff removed all mention of climate change and LGBT rights, among other issues, from the White House website, we got angrier.

But yesterday, Jan. 21, 2017, was a good day.

At about 10am I hopped on a train headed to NYC and the Women’s March. I was immediately heartened by the presence of other marchers, holding signs and wearing their pussy hats. And when I walked through Grand Central I couldn’t help but smile at the sheer number of people there to make their voices heard. When I got to the apartment to meet my group, we went around and discussed why we were marching, and it brought a tear to my eye — we had common goals despite our uncommon backgrounds and generations. And when we got to the site of the beginning of the march, where hundreds of thousands were gathered — so many people that it took us an hour and a half just to move a block into the actual march — the diversity and energy was truly overwhelming. img_7356

I’ve never marched before. My political activity up to that point was limited to a couple of donations and some snarky social media postings. I think that’s true for the majority of my generation. So to see political action first hand, to take part, and to see others like me and unlike me taking part too, what an incredible feeling.

Around the world, on all seven continents, people gathered to protest what we fear will become an authoritarian administration based solely on greed, with little regard to the rights of minorities, immigrants, women or anyone not straight, white and male. To see the amount of people that showed up and committed to keeping the fight alive, it gave me hope.

I promise to keep showing up. I promise to fight for others as well as myself. I will not let a sociopathic man with a grim and limited vision of America take us down.

Yesterday was a good day. But it was just day one. The fight has only just begun.
PS: To all the straight men who came out to march with us and make our causes your causes, thank you. Also, call me 😘


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