When Carrie Fisher died yesterday, I took it harder than expected. I knew her, of course, as Princess Leia from Star Wars, but I also knew she was a writer and generally hilarious person who had had some struggles in life, but had made it through.

That was all I knew. But when she died, and I read about her many, many accomplishments, her prolific skills as a joke writer and script doctor, her openness about mental illness, aging and beauty standards in Hollywood, I was inspired.

I’m disappointed in myself for not knowing more about Carrie until yesterday. And I’m even more sad that the world will never get to benefit from her spot-on comments about the world and the idea of being a celebrity. That’s what we need in times as strange and upsetting as the ones we’re living in now.

Carrie was a woman I looked up to without really even knowing I did. She was everything I hope to become — a wise woman who was willing to give her opinions with the kind of comedic wit that made you laugh, but also made you think.

RIP Carrie Fisher, thank you for the legacy you left. I’ll try to live in more like you did every day.


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