Gilmore Girls

Having spent a week road tripping up and across the country, spending obscene amounts of time with my family and somehow not killing or screaming at any of them, it’s safe to say that sitting at home, on my couch, watching the Gilmore Girls revival with my mom was the only place I really wanted to be this Sunday. 
It was glorious. 

Gilmore Girls has always been an important show for me, and I’ve always watched it with my mother. No, we’re. It like Rory and Lorelei, but we have a bond and it’s a close one. 
As a writer, reading, listening to, or watching things that are well-written is truly inspiring to me, and in my opinion, Amy Sherman Palladino is brilliant. From the pilot all the way to those infamous last for words, ASP built a world and characters that were mesmerizing. It’s everything I aspire to be. 
Now this isn’t a review of the revival (although I am very happy to do that at another time). (If anyone is interested I have about 12 iChats going on currently that would fill that need). 
But I will say that I think the revival as a whole was perfect. Sure there were parts that were a bit overindulgent, but all together everything fit perfectly. The story was always about Rory and Lorelai, and their mirrored lives. That’s how the revival played out to the very end. 
As a fan, I’m so glad that we got closure. I’m also clamourong for more. But as a writer, I’m happy that ASP finally got to finish her story the way she always intended it. And if that’s all she wrote, damn did she do a great job. 


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