The Morning After

I woke up this morning knowing that as a woman, my rights to my own body will likely soon be taken away from me. I woke up knowing that the racial divide will now grow wider and more vitriolic. I woke up knowing that my friends of color, my LGBT friends, my Muslim friends, my immigrant friends now have to fear for their safety. I woke up knowing that someone I love in the armed forces will soon be put in one of the most dangerous situations of our lifetime. I woke up knowing that nothing will be done to stop the devastation caused by climate change. I woke up defeated and scared. But after all those feelings, which are valid and real, I decided to not sit idly by. From here in out, my efforts go toward becoming a stronger, more powerful woman with the power to affect change. I will not forget about all those who are feeling the way I feel this morning. It’s time to come together and figure out a way to make sure equality and peace are the things we fight for.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for the fight you put up. It has inspired me and hopefully millions of others. We will endure together.


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