Currently, most of my writing is done for Yankees Magazine, a monthly print magazine published by the New York Yankees. Every year we publish eight print issues, which are sold to the millions of fans that come through Yankee Stadium each season. Many of my feature-length articles — as well as those that I have edited and designed — are posted online each month on the Yankees website. Below are quick summaries antoinks for some of those stories. I hope you’ll give them a look!

Also! I’ve started a podcast, which is posted online through MLB. I’ll link to episodes of that here as well. A full archive of episodes can be found herecut

The Spring issue of Yankees Magazine is about to hit the presses. Before it does, we recorded a new podcast to give a little inside scoop on what to expect from our first offering this season. Plus, an exclusive interview with outfielder Aaron Hicks.

My coworkers each went off on assignment and when they came back, we recorded this new podcast. We talk about their travels and I have an exclusive interview with Yankees pitcher David Robertson.

We made a new episode of the podcast in which we talk about the logistics of traveling for a story, I interview Yankees beat writer Bryan Hoch about his new book on the Baby Bombers, and then I judge my coworkers on their draft of Yankees Hall of Famers. It’s a fun one!

In this holiday-themed episode of the podcast, Jon and I discussed some of the big moves the Yankees made in the first couple of months of the offseason, then drafted our favorite memories from the season and debated holiday movies.

In our return to the pod, we talk about the special Monument Park Commemorative Edition of Yankees Magazine we spent the first part of the offseason working on, then we discuss one of our favorite recurring sections of the Magazine, Quick Hits. Plus, we answer all those rapid-fire questions we subject the Yankees players to all season long.

We put a bow on the 2017 season in this episode of the podcast, in which we discuss the tough ALCS loss, traveling with the team and some of our favorite stories and memories from the year.

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss Jon’s story about Joe Girardi, which appears in the October issue of Yankees Magazine.  Plus, we dissect the Yankees’ improbable (to some) postseason run to the ALCS and where we think the team can go next.

rawI wrote the cover story of the October issue of Yankees Magazine. For the feature, I  took a look at catcher Gary Sanchez, his progression at the catcher position, and the ups and downs he’s been through in his first full season in the big leagues.

The regular season is coming to an end and so our last issue of the Magazine is hitting the presses. In the latest podcast, we discuss my cover story about Gary Sanchez, then dig into how we think the Yankees will do in the postseason.

Dropped a new podcast in which we talk about my story about CC Sabathia, young upstart outfielder Clint Frazier, and I interview one of the members of the Yankee Stadium grounds crew. Plus, all the editors pick their walk-up song. Taylor Swift gets a mention!

CC Sabathia has been a key member of the Yankees’ rotation for a long time now, which makes him the outlier in the team’s clubhouse. In this feature, I talked to the big man about how he’s become a mentor to the younger guys on the team and how important that role is to him.

A shoulder injury can be devastating for a baseball player — especially a starting pitcher. But Dillon Tate was able to turn his unfortunate shoulder problems into a learning opportunity and the results have been truly remarkable. In my new story for Yankees Magazine, check out how Tate has gone from struggling and injured reliever, to one of the brightest stars in the Yankees’s system.

The past two years, I have volunteered my time helping a photographer friend relaunch her business and send out promotional materials — including a large-scale mailer with tons of intricate details. We also shoot and edit video and photography for print and online. Recently, we sent the Spy Box into the world. Here’s the video I helped produce that goes with it, which should help you become the best spy ever.

Another new episode of the podcast! In this one, we talk about Sir Did Gregorius, his linguistic skills — including the global language of emoji — and everything he brings to the Yankees. Plus, some chat about September call-ups and my visit to Trenton where I met up with the very interesting Dillon Tate.

The Yankees made a lot of moves at the trade deadline, and we discussed them all in this episode of the podcast. Plus, a dive into what catcher Austin Romine and outfielder Brett Gardner bring to the roster.

I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down with Luis Severino for this feature. I was blown away by how open he was in talking about his struggles and the work he put in to become the ace of the Yankees’ pitching staff.

We all knew Aaron Judge was going to put on a show at the Home Run Derby, in this podcast, Jon tells us what it was like to actually be present watching it all happen. Plus, we talk about my feature on Luis Severino.

On a windy day at the Stadium, I got a chance to catch up with comedian Jim Gaffigan about his new Netflix special and how he’s a better athlete than Aaron Judge. Check it out in the latest episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast: Red Carpet Edition.

In this episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast, we chat a little bit about some of the All-Stars the Yankees are sending to Miami. Plus, we dig into the story of Donny Sands, who five years ago was a homeless teenager and now is a catcher in the Yankees’ farm system.

I know everyone is hyped about Aaron Judge (trust me, I am too), but one other Yankees rookie has been almost as valuable to the team and is flying way under the radar. In this feature, I dig into what has made pitcher Jordan Montgomery so successful in his first year in the bigs.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not like numbers, so in this episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast, my coworkers do their best to convert me from an advanced stats skeptic to a number lover. Plus, I take you to the red carpet of the premiere of the movie Megan Leavey, where I interviewed the film’s director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, actress Kate Mara, and rapper/actor Common.

It’s Episode 6 of the Yankees Magazine Podcast! In this episode I interviewed the real Megan Leavey who currently works for the Yankees but recently had part of her life turned into a feature film called Megan Leavey. Megan is a Marine veteran who worked for years to reunite with her bomb-sniffing dog, Rex, who saved her life and countless other while they were deployed together in Iraq. This episode also features a discussion about Aaron Judge and Ronald Torreyes, who are on the cover of the June issue of Yankees Magazine.

Check it out! I interviewed Neil Patrick Harris and turned it into a podcast!

Episode five of the Yankees Magazine Podcast dropped and in it we all talk about Jeter night, the Negro Leagues Museum, and Dellin Betances.

Sometimes you interview someone and the story you get is something you never expected. That’s what happened in the fourth episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast, which also includes a discussion of Derek Jeter, and a great segment with the inside scoop on a story about pitcher Dellin Betances.

All manner of people walk through the gates at Yankee Stadium, including a whole host of celebrities. In the Yankees Magazine Podcast: Red Carpet Edition, I sit down with some of those famous faces and talk to them about their careers and what brings them to Yankee Stadium. In the first episode of that series, I spoke to WWE wrestler Big Cass.

In 2017, the Yankees introduced new social-gathering spaces and food options to the Stadium, and I tried them all. It was a labor of love, honestly. Check out the story here!

Another episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast! In this one we take a deep dive into my colleague’s story about Jacoby Ellsbury and his Native American roots, then I interviewed one of the chefs who cook up some of the Yankee Stadium food that I wrote a feature story about for an upcoming issue of the magazine.

The second episode of the Yankees Magazine Podcast is live! In it we discussed the Commemorative Home Run Edition of the Magazine, I interviewed one of the senior producers at Yankee Stadium, and then discussed with my colleague the way he went about covering Babe Ruth.

My dad is an engineer and while I’ve never quite understood his work, I’ve always been fascinated by it. In this story about Yankees prospect Justus Sheffield, as a sort of homage to my dad, I mixed some rocket science with some baseball science.

Over the offseason, I taught myself how to produce a podcast — I bought equipment, learned Adobe Audition, booked and conducted interviews, set up recording space, scripted a couple segments, then recorded everything and edited it all together. It was a labor of love, and I’m proud of what we came up with. Here’s episode one, where me and my fellow editors talk about the 2017 Yearbook and April Issue of Yankees Magazine, I interview the Yankees Spanish language translator, and the editors talk about what we’re excited to cover this season.

This winter I sat down for a lengthy interview with the Yankees’ general manager, Brian Cashman for an in-depth interview about his job and the pressures working in New York. Here’s that story.

Baseball is a game that is constantly changing, which means that every team has to make moves if they want to keep up. Over the long winter months, the Yankees kept busy, bringing in some big names they hope will bring another championship back to the Bronx.

Last summer while traveling for work, I set up an interview with Chris Chambliss, Yankees legend who, in 1977, hit a pennant-clinching home run that sent the Yankees back to the World Series for the first time in 15 years. This is the story of that moment in his own words. 

Playing in the major leagues is hard enough when you know you have a position and a spot in the lineup. When both those things are up in the air, finding your way becomes even more of a challenge. Last season, Rob Refsnyder navigated that situation with grace, and maybe even made himself more valuable in the process.

In 1996, the Yankees started a dynasty. But without Jim Leyritz, it may never have been possible. My Q&A with him takes you through the whole season, and how one swing of his bat catapulted the Yankees into legend.

One of the key members of the Core Four, Andy Pettitte was just a kid when he pitched a masterpiece in the 1996 World Series. I talked to him about that season as a whole, and how he was able to bounce back from a disastrous effort in Game 1 to completely shut down the Braves in Game 5.

Charleston, South Carolina is one of the coolest towns in America. Tons of history, great food around every corner, oh, and a minor league baseball club that’s partially owned by comedy legend Bill Murray. Not only did I get to meet Murray during my trip to Charleston, his RiverDogs came up huge in a playoff game for the ages.

Life can change in an instant. Or, it can be a slow and gradual climb. For Chad Green, it’s been a bit of a mix. Get to know him a little bit better, I think you’ll like what you find.



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